We are a 501c3 organization whose mission is to open a hospice house in our community that will provide exceptional end of life care and support to terminally ill people in their final days of life, regardless of income and/or ability to pay.


While working in Hospice or related fields, we saw a need in our community.  We want to serve people who have no reliable place to go or people to care for them.  Due to financial concerns, options are often limited.  Within Genesee County, three  “inpatient” or residential options owned by corporations have closed, and our hospital systems cannot always keep a patient in house, depending on symptom management. 


Our approach uses a model that provides a “home away from home,” with caregivers that act as part of your extended family.  All patients must qualify and be serviced by a Hospice company–that is not our role.  Our goal is provide a quiet place and loving care, where families can be supported through this difficult time.


We organized in 2018, and are on schedule to share our vision, to raise up funds and volunteers, to find a building and begin to serve!  Our goal is to raise $250,000 to purchase a house and operate the first year.  We are working hard to garner community support, renovate, and develop staff. 


We are affiliated with the Omega Home Network. This a grassroots effort to spread the model and educate communities about living well through dying. Formerly known as the Social Hospice Network, they changed the name to embrace the word Omega and its symbolism as the last, best, or final nature of something. For more info, check out their website: https://www.omegahomenetwork.org/